Why should I have a massage when I have no pain or problems?

by drlisa@scienceofbusiness.com on September 1

This is a statement that I hear often. First, let me congratulate you and say “How wonderful!” Second, I will say that is the main reason WHY you want to receive regular massage……you want to continue to feel great!

I am a former dental hygienist, so I will give a dental example. Most of us see the dentist and hygienist once or twice a year, and usually it is for preventative care because we are not in pain and our teeth are doing well. We do that so we do not have excruciating pain from dental disease. In other words, we do not wait to go to the dentist until we have an emergency.

is the same with massage….it can be the maintenance and preventative measures for your muscles and tissues as regular cleaning and check ups are for your teeth.

So, how often should one have a massage to maintain well being?
That depends on the individual, but a simple answer would be once or twice a month. It is a great idea to discuss this with your massage therapist to find what is most beneficial for you.

Here are a few benefits of regular massage:

* Relaxes muscles and improves joint mobility
* Boosts immunity
* Increases serotonin and dopamine which help reduce depression
* Reduces blood pressure
* Relieves effects of stress and eases anxiety
* Improves the flow of energy
* Reduces negative effects of aging by promoting healthy skin and tissue
* Improves lymph and blood circulation
* Relieves physical problems such as headaches, muscular back pain, general muscle tension

Regular massage helps you to maintain your healthy state and may very well improve it!

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