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Our Facial products are free from Gluten, Parabens, Sulfates, Petrochemicals, and Synthetic colors/fragrances.


Express facial-Great to fit in over lunch or quickly after work…$45

Detoxifying acne facial-Detoxifies and deep cleans your pores for clearer looking skin and reduced redness…$65

Hydrating spa facial-Relaxing and restoring, bringing moisture and nutrients back to the skin…$65

Skin brightening facial-Enzyme treatment loaded with vitamins A and C and Glycolic. Great for sun damage, brightening and hydrating…$75

Antiaging skin firming Facial-Rejuvenate your skin with a stimulating microcurrent treatment that tightens and tones you underlying muscles to firm up and stimulates the cells to produce more collagen. Pair that with a stimulating skin firming mud mask and your skin will thank you…$90

Dermaplaning Facial-Removes dead skin and the fine villous hair on your skin, ending with vitamins and micronutrients leaving your skin smooth and radiant.…$125

Add-ons:  Microderm Scrub…$10,  Scalp Massage…$5


Facial  Spa Treatments

Natural Elegance desert botanicals facials include…..

* Skin analysis to assess sun damage, pigmentation issues, broken capillaries, and overall skin health.

*Non invasive procedures using all natural botanicals

*Review and discuss products and lifestyle changes to help renew, restore, and rejuvenate skin.

*Establish personal treatment plans for optimum results.

Vitamin enriched peels…..

*Glycolic peel-Helps resurface the skin improving collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles,and pore size.

*Lactic peel -Fades hyperpigmentation from excessive sun exposure.

*Fusion peel-Light general purpose peel, great for teenagers

*TCA peel-Rapidly improves skin tone, texture, and luminosity. NOT a beginner peel.  Expect to see shedding/flaking skin for 3-7 days

*Mandatory 45 min consult prior to 1st peel- Free of charge

Prickly pear collection- rejuvenates Mature Skinfacial green valley az

Super antioxidants that are proven to protect against aging, nourish skin cells and fight free radical damage.


Aloe is very moisturizing and nutrient rich; containing Zinc, Potassium, magnesium, and Amino Acids making it a super skin quencher. Jojoba is naturally hydrating and helps restore moisture balance to skin.

White sage collection- Clears combination skinwhite sage facial

Clears problematic skin, reduces oil production and helps restore acne prone skin to a clear, healthy, beautiful state.

*Ask about package deals

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