Dermaplaning Green Valley AZDermaplaning now in Green Valley!

Dermaplaning is a safe, effective way to remove days or weeks of dulling, pore-clogging layers of dead skin and fine facial hair revealing the smooth, supple and vibrant fresh skin beneath.  With the skillful and precisely angled use of a sterile, disposable scalpel, our skilled estheticians gently glide the blade over the skin’s surface instantly smoothing the skin and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and sun damage.  The “ungluing” and removal of dead skin is crucial to maintaining a youthful appearance and allowing for maximum product penetration and performance.  It’s the reason many celebrities choose dermaplaning as their go-to “event” treatment! 

Experience dermaplaning for yourself today!    

Treatment includes cleanse and finishes with a serum and nutrient rich moisturizer.   Book today $60.