NEW! Body Treatments!

by on August 5

You can now get day spa body treatments right here in Green Valley!

Body Treatments remove dead skin cells and hydrate the skin.  They are great for pulling toxins out and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Some treatments are for pain, inflammation, and over all well being.

body treatments

Volcanic mud body treatment – Great for detoxifying or cellulite. Full of naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients to replenish skin.

Exfoliating salt or sugar scrub with extra hydration boost. $75

Volcanic Mud body treatment $125

Come in to relax and get away while you care for your skin with this unique and highly effective treatment.   Prickly pear, honey, jojoba and cactus blossom are used in this whole body treatment designed to promote new cell turnover by sloughing off dull, dry skin while softening, and nourishing your skin with vital nutrients and anti-oxidants.  Leaves skin radiant and hydrated.  Contact us today to get quenched!

 Hydration Quench Body Treatment – 60 min $75

Sandal weather is here!  Keep your feet soft and soothed with this relaxing foot treatment.  We begin with a granulated scrub which exfoliates rough dry skin while honey and jojoba soften and hydrate.  A rich cactus blossom moisturizer is applied in a foot massage designed to promote total body relaxation.  Your feet will thank you!

 Moisture Surge Foot Scrub and Massage – 45 min  $50


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